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La Masó de Bolòs 1
17867 Camprodon

Email (preferred): to the office (click!).

M: +34 608 44 23 30

How to get here

Keiryuji is listed on Google Maps.


Keiryuji can be reached by flying to Barcelona or Girona (Gerona). Check for cheap flights.
From there it is possible to travel further by car rental or public transport.

Car and car rental

Cars can be rented at either airport. The journey from Barcelona will take about 2,5 hours and about 2 hours from Girona.

Public transport


From Barcelona Airport, Camprodon can be reached by taking two trains and one bus. The costs are relatively low.

Time-table Train Barcelona Airport <-> Ripoll (and vise-versa)
The journey takes about 2,5 hrs. From Barcelona Airport take the train to Barcelona ‘Sants’. In Sants transfer to platform 8 for the train either to Ripoll, La Tour de Carol – Enveig or Puigcerdà (R3, Rodalies). Total costs in 2018 are € 9,85. Buy your ticket at a staffed counter or at an orange ticket machine (Rodalies). From Ripoll take the bus to Camprodon.

Time-table Bus Ripoll <-> Camprodon (and vise-versa)
The bus-ride takes about 35 minutes and costs in 2018 are € 3,80. In Camprodon we will pick you up. Please give a call or email in advance.


Travelling from Girona to Camprodon by public transport is possible, but there is only one bus a day for the last part of the route (Olot -> Camprodon). We advise you to only travel through Girona if you’re planning to rent a car (see ‘Car and car rental’ above).

If you need any further assistance traveling to Keiryuji please contact the office.

Last part of route

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