Fundraiser 2018

Dear Sanga members and friends,

It's already been over two and a half years since we laid the foundation for Keiryuji. Since very early on, many of you knew where to find us and have come for a retreat. This was possible because we already had a few trailers, one of which we converted into a Zendo, and two of which we transformed into accommodation for the training participants. We also already had a little wooden cabin which lends itself perfectly for solitary retreats. Thanks to the combined support of those of you who came to practice and the residents we have been able to make ends meet and ensure the continuation of Keiryuji.

Over the past two years we have also been putting a lot of effort into establishing our legitimacy as a Spanish Buddhist Zen Temple and I'm pleased to announce that this resulted in Keiryuji being now officially registered as a religious organization.

The main building, in which the temple and extra rooms are meant to be located in the future, is still not more than four sturdy walls and a good roof and has been serving as a temporary workshop. Recently we have been working on building another workshop so we could start clearing out the main building and prepare it for its intended purpose. We are very happy with what we have achieved so far and are eager to move forward.

Now, in 2018, we would like to start remodeling the main building and begin transforming it into a temple. In this year we hope to close up the building (which means putting in windows) and make the Hondo (main hall) which means putting in a floor, ceiling, altar, Kaisando, etc. Because we can do most of the work ourselves, we can keep the expenses low. We have estimated that it will cost around 7500,00 euro on building materials and hiring some professional help.

Needless to say, all donations big and small are very welcome so we can start this exciting new phase in the development of Keiryuji!!

Love and Gassho,