“To study the Buddha way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand dharmas.”

Dogen zenji
26-01-1200 / 22-09-1253

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Welcome to Keiryuji

Keiryuji (Mountain Stream Temple) is a remote Soto Zen-Buddhist hermitage in the Spanish Pyrenees near the village of Camprodon. It lies in the middle of a protected nature reserve at 750 meters of altitude.

Keiryuji welcomes those who wish to take a break from their daily lives and dedicate some time to Zen practice within the tradition of the White Plum Lineage. The teacher of Keiryuji will individually guide and support each person throughout their stay.

Gakudo den Hollander Roshi, the abbot, and teacher at Keiryuji, is a dharma heir of Tenkei Coppens Roshi from Zen River, the Netherlands. He is a member of the White Plum Lineage, established by the late Maezumi Roshi in the USA, and is fully certified by the Japanese Soto school.